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A couple of years ago I bought a 2002 Golf VR6 4Motion. I got it at a very reasonable price as the previous owner had obviously made more enemies than friends:




So the first job was to get the paint sorted, followed by a mammoth G3/G10/hardwax/polish/extra protection exterior valet:




Followed by a full service including oil, filter, air and pollen filters, haldex oil and filter, and diff oil for good measure. While rolling around underneath I noticed that the rear discs were in a shocking state:


So I got those sorted too (standard OEM discs & Green Stuff pads):

I also did a full interior wet valet as the previous owner was a dog owner and the car stank of dog. I've also been splurging on a few pieces of trim to replace broken bits (seat tilt handles, interior door handles, rear wiper squirter cover, etc).

Next, I had to do something about this:


So I cheated and bought a carbon wrap kit off ebay. It's not perfect, but a definite improvement!


Originally, my plan was to use the car as a daily driver, but the small boot and fuel consumption soon killed that idea! So, instead I've been using the car for track days, which is a lot more fun!

However, it did mean that I soon decided that these:


needed upgrading, so I went out and bought this lot:




Some comparison shots:






These help it stop a lot quicker! However, now I need to make it go faster, and maybe hold the road a bit better. So I'm looking into getting it turbo/supercharged, so any advice or ideas greatly appreciated!

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So I was browsing ebay looking for supercharger kits, when I came across this:

Because under the bonnet was this:

Full spec list:

X-Reg (2000), Silver, 3 Door , 72500 Miles
Vf Engineering-Stage 2 Supercharger (approx 285bhp - supported with RR printouts)
Bilstein Coil over suspension
Standard 4motion 16" alloy wheels
Miltek one box-Cat back exhaust
Blue Haldex Controller
Forge Quickshift
Clear/Red/Clear Hella rear lights
Recaro Interior
VW manufactured Sat Nav
R32 Gearstick
MOMO silver steering wheel
R32 Front Bumper
Smoothed rear Bumper

which I think will make a much better track car!

I'm planning on swapping the brakes and wheels across from my black Golf, then selling the black Golf (or breaking it if it doesn't 'meet reserve').

The car has a few issues that need addressing, but hopefully nothing that will be too bad (ie expensive!).
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