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We'll I got this golf for $300 off craigslist..1 spot of rust under the hatch, and nothing more. Throttle body needs to be replaced, and the airbags went out.

Car is no where near done..All those mismatched interior pieces, are getting replaced.All black interior is taking place of the tan interior.

Bought the car, and 1st things done were the dash, and airbags.

<==> out with the old <==>

<==> in with the new <==>​

<==> Old front end out <==>

<==> newISH front end (not completed yet..shaved euro bumper going in) <==>​

I have my coils waiting to be installed once the snow dies down, and 2 sets of rims, debating on which 1 I will place on the golf. Car is not complete yet.

Future mods -

Mk4 Manifold swap -
coilovers -
shaved euro bumper -
rims -
shift knob & boot -
all black interior -

I will update the thread as I go..but that is all for now. Bought the car a month ago..Haven't had a chance to do much yet.

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