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Our 2006 Passat 2.0T (bought new now has 222,300 km on it) is, without a doubt the nicest driving vehicle I have ever owned. It does yeoman service in winter and summer down to -45 celsius in Alberta and up to 50 celsius in Nevada without a hitch.

It has run Mobil 1 0W-40 since the third oil change and still running the original front brake pads. rear pads changed once, CV boots replaced a few times and the timing belt changed at 160,000 km as preventative maintenance. It has also had the control column replaced once at my expense as it wouldn't start which was later reimbursed due to VW issuing a recall.

I joined this forum to try and deal with three nagging glitches. 1) a trunk latch that won't anywhere below -10 celsius, a vaccum leak that sets a P2293 engine code when I pin it for short periods under load in the 125 to 140 km/hr range and low beam halogen headlights that are extremely dull, no matter how expensive an H7 bulb I put in (and I do that every 3 months on the driver's side and every six months on the passenger side it seems.

Hope to here from other Passat owners who understand my concerns in the Passat Forum.
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