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First post here though i've checked out the forum at times before.....

A little background leading to my question.
Owned a toyota sequoia until a little over a year ago it was totaled. Ive had suv's or a truck for a long time I wanted to go back to a car for a change of pace and something good on gas.
I was really looking at infinity's then found a 2013 vw cc sport and I liked it...etc etc bought car and soon after started having troubles....
The oil pressure warning light is a separate issue at this point my main issue is the ecs light and all that....limp mode, running rough, bucking.....intermittently.

Ive changed spark plugs many times while trying to figure out. I ran codes at autozone but they're not exactly a black and white solution.
Ive also changed maf sensore, pcv valve, both fuel pumps and fuel control module.

Im not an A mechanic though I learn and do what I need to over the years, even gone as far as doing a timing belt years ago in my younger days.

The reason im trying to do myself and was hesitant to take anywhere is I havent worked in almost a year and a half and dont have the money...about to go on disability if that paints a picture, so I could use some help from the great forum here. I actually want to sell the car because I want to go back to a 4wd suv, probably a pathfinder but I cant / wont sell the car in condition its in and im not one to fleece anyone so i need to resolve.

Had it to mechanic few days ago...codes before and after clearing come up with the manifold position sensor, which after researching im well aware of and looks like exactly my issue so im gonna replace the manifold. Mechanic says its a 1000+ job but he doesnt want to do it he actually said to junk the car...and this is a foreign bmw expert...

Here's the question: im gonna replace manifold myself. It doesnt look like anything too crazy that I cant handle.
In looking to buy the replacement it looks like there's a improved model that has a different setup and a new 3 port breather hose is required so that's first question if anyone has done this if that is indeed needed?
Also, one or 2 websites say I may need to replace fuel rail, which I dont want to do nor can afford.....is that necessary or are they going overboard?

Also in reading here ive seen it said this car doesnt use a gasket, but then i see the new manifold has a built in gasket.
Do I need some sort of sealant or anything?
Ive watched a few videos on replacing this manifold and they all show remove / install no gasket needed and for that matter not replacing the fuel rail nor adding the 3-port hose.
I dont know if allowed but the person I follow and see the most is the humble mechanic on you tube and he does a replacement video like I just stated....

If someone could give me some answers would be great....the manifold it looks like I need is this 06J133201BH and its the new design....my engine is the 2.0tsi

Thanks for any help...

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