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Iv got a 2002 Golf 2.0 GL.
About 2 months ago when starting my drive home from work I went to go use my windshield wipers and they didnt work. Later down the road I noticed my turn signals didnt work. So what ever has gone out stopped telling the car is on, I have no windshield wipers, turn signals or AC thermostat controls (things that only work when the car is on)
I originally thought it was the ignition switch (if you have never replaced one it's a real pain to get the lock cylinder housing out the first time), but i have sense put 3 different ignition switches in. Only one worked for maybe 2 weeks. Put another brand new one in last night and got nothing.
I'm thinking it's not the ignition switch anymore unless I have just bought 3 bad ignition switches.
Can anyone else think of something that would make all those things stop working at the same time.
I checked the fuses originally and they looked good. But I guess I could check again.
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