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Anyone here know where i can get a new top for my 1984 Rabbit COnvertible? Mine's all messed up right now. It rained pretty bad today and water leaked into my car... biggest bust...at least it wasn't bad.. but, anyone know any places with awsome prices that i can get a new top from?

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i know quite a few.

M&T manufacturing out of Rhode island
http://www.mtmfg.com/rabcab.shtml(Note: kinda pricey)
Then there is the Miami Corp out of Cincinnati Ohio (got top from them Good top 242.35)
The Miami Corporation/Cincinnati I suggest that if you get a top from them you should call their toll free 800 number and ask them how much your top would be and how much it would cost for them to ship it to you.
Here is some info: The Miami Corporation/Cincinnati
P.O. Box 58658
720 Anderson Ferry Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45258-0658
Phone: 800-543-0448
Local: 513-451-6700
Fax: 800-283-9840

One more place you could try is
http://www.vwupholstery.com They don't sell directly to the public but there is a shop in Orange County that sells their tops its:
1460 N. Glassell
Orange, CA 92667
(714) 639-4411

you can also visit this link
http://www.vwupholstery.com/vwdist.htmland look at other shops in Ca.
Hope this all helps.
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