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Hey, what's up? So, I own a 03' Golf GL and I love it. It's been a great car the past few years... and now I've got this electrical problem :confused: My introduction is also a plea for help lol

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I went to start my car and I couldn't get out of "park". It wouldn't recognize the fact I was pressing the brake to release the shift-lock. An EPC light come on and I was like wtf? So, I towed it to a shop, had a brake switch replaced and I was good to go. Then a week later it does it again. Couldn't get out of "park". EPC light. This time a fuse was blown. Replaced it and went on my way... only for it to happen again. The fuse blows when I press the brake pad. I can hear the fuse pop. Sometimes the EPC light comes on, sometimes it doesn't. Also, the fuse that controls the locks/interior lights/windows blew. What is going on here??

What I had done so far is replaced the needed fuses(when needed) and checked my brake lights and tail light fixtures and replace bulbs thinking that could some how be causing a surge.

Anyone want to take a crack at this one before I have to spend hundreds of dollars?

p.s. thanks in advance and I loooooove VW Golf's :K:
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