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Hey everyone!
I'm a proud owner of a 2002 Jetta GLS 2.0 living in the Boston area.. Go Sox! I bought the car a few years ago while in school and it served me very well. The first 3 years, I only had to get the oil change and other maintenance .. but its getting to the point now that everything needs replacing.

Biggest issue I have now is with the dreaded coil pack. Whenever it rains it stutters like noone's business, but after it gets warmed up.. it runs like a champ. Took it to the shop today and they gave me a 600$ estimate after taxes and labor. I just dropped 1k to replace my entire exhaust and can't afford it right now. I want to try the epoxy fix, but I'm a newb at car repair. I'd love to have a video or photos of the process but all pictures within forums have long been removed from their respected photo hosting sites.

Can anyone point me to a video or photos of the process? Pretty sure I have to remove the air pump to get to the pack and then there's like three allen screws. Would this be easy enough for a beginner? I can't justify 600$ for this.

Also I have a code for a large EVAP leak. Can this be related to the coil pack?

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