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So I am new to this particular forum, but not as much so to volkswagen,
If you didn't see my first post in the introduction thread I'm Bryan, I live in Ohio and i'm a recent graduate.

I have worked on and owned a Mk1 Mk2 and Mk3 Volkswagen over the past couple years, and absolutely love them, i'm currently driving a 1987 VW GLI Automatic, i'm working on restoring a 1983 Mk1 Rabbit GTI 5 spd, and have recently sold a 1998 Jetta GL 5 spd that suffered an accident.

point being is i knew my 98 inside and out, and i know my 83 inside and out (mostly because i've read through 3 repair manuals on each) I have rather extensive knowledge of vw's cars and engines in general, but i have a few questions i'm hoping i can get answered about my 87 seeing as i lack an owners manual or shop manual.

first off, i would kinda like to know how to properly operate the 7 function readout on the gauge cluster, and what exactly the 2 position slide switch on the right column control actually does, ive figured out how to switch back and forth between functions and how to reset them, but not what the one and two do on the switch, and as i said i lack an owners manual and google is useless.

secondly, what exactly would be the consequences of removing the catalytic converter and the 02 sensor? when i got the car the exhaust pipe was broke off the cat and the car was loud but ran great without the cat or 02 sensor it seemed, but as soon as i fixed the exhaust and hooked the cat back up i lost 8-10 mpg, so can i just remove it entirely?

and 3rd, my 83 gti came with an abundance of extra parts, including two 5 spd transmissions, how hard beyond the obvious things (center console linkages flywheel axles etc.) would it be to convert my 87 GLI (with only 91k orig) to a 5 speed trans?

also i have a bad fuel line on the 87 about an inch from the out on the fuel filter, can someone please tell me where to get the banjo (round type) fitting for the filter so i can solder in a new line? i can't find them anywhere and i dont have a vw dealer handy

thanks for any help you can give, especially to someone new :)


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