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Hello everyone, name is William, wanted to share with y'all my MK2 Jetta. I have a lot to learn about these fantastic cars, have always loved them and finally broke down and picked one up. I'm not new to euros or imports, but I definitely have more to learn. Been around forums for years, so no worries, I know to search before I ask to be spoonfed lol. Well enough talk, let's get to specs and pictures.

1991 Jetta GL Wolfsburg Edition.

2.0 swap - 5 Speed
FK coilovers all around.
Factory Recaro seats.
BBM aftermarket fuel rail/FPR
BBS replicas, 15x7.5
Badgeless grill.
10K HID's.
Yellow fog lights.
Eurosport pulleys.
Everything in the front end new (ball joints and what not).
Motor was completely rebuilt before being swapped in.
Magnaflow exhaust.
Rear disc brakes.
Momo steering wheel.
Front strut bar.
Have rear window with brake light delete to install, haven't yet.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but that's the basics.

These are the only two pictures I have, will take some more and post em tomorrow.

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