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Just got a 15-year-old New Beetle today... a 2006 with a sunroof, AT, heated seats, new tires, and shocks. It has a few little flaws, but with only 57,000 miles it hopefully won't have any major issues.

I'm almost 72 and my little brother (he's eight years younger than me) says I need to stop buying "chick cars" (I've owned three Miatas, an 84 Rabbit GTI, and 2013 Mini Cooper S, among other things, so I don't get it). My three sons probably feel the same way as my brother. But I'll bet one of my seven granddaughters will ask me to leave it to them in my will.

My sweet wife of 53+ years really likes it...


Back in the late 60s we enjoyed a terrific nearly-new '67 Bug. It's hard to tell from this old photo but it had a dark blue exterior and grey interior, too. Loved that car...

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