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Hello everyone. I am currently in the market for a used Jetta Wagon, and hope I can turn to this forum to answer some questions about any future purchase.

I found a 2009 Jetta Wagon Comfortline with the 2.5 engine. showing 130000km. Asking price is 10k Cdn. The car looks and feels solid at first glance; no rust, accidents etc, but I'm going back tomorrow to have a closer look.

Could someone please give me a run-down of specific things I should be looking for before I buy? I'll be taking it out for another test drive, during which time I'll be stopping by my buddy's shop to put the car up on a lift so I can examine things like ball joints and general condition. If the seller gives me the time, I might pull the valve cover and have a look at the cams. For sure I'll be measuring brake wear and any other easily accessible stuff.

One thing I did notice is that some of the rocker guard compound is starting to come off behind the front passenger wheel-well. I understand VW has a 12yr unlimited mileage rust/perforation warranty, so I hope I can address it via that method.

Otherwise, I understand the 2.5L engine has a timing chain. Can someone please confirm?

Anything else that an educated mind on the subject wants to point out?

FYI, I'm an aircraft mechanic: be as technical as you want.

Thanks in advance!
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