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Hey guys! I'm new to VW but not new to the forum and enthusiast world.. If any of you are Tacoma owners you've probably seen me on tacomaworld.com where my SN is SuthrnTaco07.

Well I lucked out! I just purchased a Grey 2004 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T with a 5 speed manual for $3700 with 145,000 miles! It's got a little damage to the front passenger fender and the interior is a little rough.Other then that it is a SOLID car! It was pretty well maintained except for a few things. I need replace the intercooler, all of the vacuum hoses, and replace the valve cover gasket and do a service on the CAM seals. After that it'll be like I have a brand new MARK IV! I love this car in every way and I can't wait to clean it up and start boosting with decent numbers. I am new to turbo's so that is kind of last on my list, for the most part, I like driving vehicles that people can look at and think DAMN that's nice and the general population can appreciate! So driving something factory or everyday looking isn't my style! Any ways, I'm here to stay and hope to learn a lot more!

Here is a pic for starters. It's all I have right now. It's not much but it is a GREAT base for starters.

PS.. If anyone has any place to buy some nice vacuum hoses then let me know. I also plan on replacing the turbo piping and hoses and I'm wanting to do a Green, Grey, and Black theme with this car.

If you were wondering what it looked like, here's my truck also.
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