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Ok, here the story.

Got 2000.5 1.8t jetta with a awd engine for 1200 back in august. Bent some valves constant oil leak so on so forth.d

Happened to find a AWP with ie connecting rods forge pistons bigger cams bigger injectors for 300. i know its cheap and it might have issues whatever just sent it to the machine shop to have checked out. the long block is fine head seems to be ok great news.

Now here are my questions.

What else do i need. ive been told that if i want to go awp ecm keyfob cluster engine harness i need to also change the interior/ body harness? True or not true?
also ive been told that i can use an aww ecm cluster keyfob and engine harness? True or not true?
finally Are aww awp engine harness the same because everywhere i look it says aww/awp engine harness. i have one but dont know if its aww/awp part number is 1j1971090dj?
can some please help me im starting to lose my mind and want to get this build done buy sunday..
PS yes i have update dv 3 inch exhaust downpipe fmic cia and im looking for a good tune if anyone can recommend one.

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