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I purchased a new 2008 GTI in January of this year, and am very pleased with the car. I'm getting 25-26 in urban driving, and 30-35 on the open road depending on speed/weather/terrain..

I've had the oil and filter changed at 5K and 10K, and noticed that the owner's
manual recommends oil/filter changes at 20K and every 10K thereafter.

First a little background about my driving routine.
Approximately 85% of my first 15K miles have been highway driving - average round trip distance in one day is around 200 miles.

I have several questions for those with technical expertise:

1. Which brands/viscosity of oils meet the VW 502 spec.???
2. AMSOIL claims their's does too. Anyone have any experience with AMSOIL?
3. What about oil filters??? I can get Mann and K&N. Preferences??
4. How often, and what brand of air filter is recommended???

I called the VW Customer Service Line. The young lady was very nice, but couldn't even tell me where the air filter was located. She recommended I call a dealer. The dealer here in Tallahassee has a bad rep among my friends that drive German cars.
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