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Howdy all,

Got up at 3:45am, jumped on a plane in Reno, flew to Flagstaff via Phenix, met the seller of my new ride at the airport, drove to Vegas, spending the night and will finish the return home tomorrow.

The car is a one owner, 06 with 36,000 miles. The owner is a retired guy who kept it in a garage with a dust cover on it. He and his wife used it to go touring in. He sold it because his health keeps him close to home now. He's replacing it with a Tesla! Its got most of the options (including the all 4 lumbar massagers--yes, they're WAY cool) as far as I can tell, but I learn more as I get to know her better.

I've had 2 Audis and this measures up in every way. Its just awesome. It'll be about 800 miles by the time I get home--I wish it was more! Its a dream to drive. The dual pane glass and whatever else they do makes it so you can hear someone whispering in the back seat at 80 mph. I had cruise set on 80 for about 250 miles today and got better than 25mpg. Sorry to be so wordy, but I LOVE this car!!!

So, haven't had time to study the manual yet, but it doesn't appear to have bluetooth. Anyone know how to connect to an iphone? Is there an accessory jack somewhere? That bit of info would be real nice to get for the remainder of the trip.

Good to meet you all!

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