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I would like to say hello.
And I'm the new proud owner of a MK3 Golf GL
It's a 1998 and I love this car.
I would also like to say this is my first foreign car.
I always told my self I would never buy a car that's not a American car.
But now that I have this car, I can't stop thinking why didn't I get one sooner.
It is kinda ruff. It does need some body work. It's got a little rust here and there.
And I notice it has some holes in the floor. Kinda scary. But nothing to big.
It does run and drive and I'm currently using it has my daily driver.
I do intend on doing the body work and turning in to a nice tuner.
With that being said I do know it takes time and money. And I am willing to take the time and money to make it into what I want it to be.
I hope this forum will help me out along the way.
If I have any issues I run into I won't hesitate to turn to this forum.
Well thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm sure all of you will be hearing form me soon.
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