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Hey, what's goin on? My name's Jacob and I recently bought a 2001 2.0 Jetta for daily driving duties. So far it runs excellent, but my check engine light is on. The reason that I came here s to see if anyone can help me out with the codes.

I bought the car from a towing business because it is an abandoned car, and 10 minutes after buying the car the check engine light came on. I replaced the MAF with one from another Jetta and the CE light turned off. About a day later the CE light came back on and using my handheld OBDII scanner I got codes p04240, p1472, p0445 and p0141. Googling these codes it looks like I should start with the cat, but I'm resistant to that because of the price. DOes anyone have any good ideas where I should start to look into to get rid of the codes so that I can pass Pa emissions testing? Thank you very much.
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