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Hello everyone new here on the forum, Just picked up a very clean 05 Jetta TDI last friday that was owned by a VW mechanic and the only mod that was done on the car were the front lights and grill (grills going back to stock). Finished my last project and needed a new toy and commuter car so hands down bought a VW Diesel :rolleyes:

I like my germans and my diesels and have had quite a bit of cars in the past including a plain jane never moded 01 Beetle TDI back about six years back that I sold to my neighbor at 577,000km and still is running to this day! My other cars include:
  • 2005 Smart Fortwo Brabus Cabrio (Brabus everything, Widestar body, 17" Monoblock VI's, MDC goodies, SG2, EGR Delete, K&N, Remapped +TDC CRPlus Tuning box, Cruise Control)
  • 2005 Smart Fortwo Pasion Coupe (eibach, uncle glenn remap+TDC CRplus Tuning Box, SG2, heated seats, upgraded oil pan, oil pan heater, interior heater, EGR Delete, Hitch)
  • 2006 GMC 2500HD LBZ Duramax (PPE Tuning, Transgo Built trans, PVC Reroute, EGR Delete, Trans lines upgraded, 4" exhaust, Pushing 580bhp/903ft lbs)
  • 1994 Mercedes Benz 500e AMG
  • 2001 Audi TT Roadster
  • 1986 Mercedes 300e
  • and of course the newest addition: "The commuter" 2005 VW Jetta TDI MK4.

Past: 05 s500 Pullman Guard, 02 S55 AMG, 96 S420, 94 E320, 97 S420, 03 SLK 320, 01 VW Beetle TDI and allot of W124's

I live technically at my hobby farm at Blue Mountain (emissions exempt:K:)and have an apartment downtown Toronto.

So some things I already ordered and picking up this week:
  • 18" Chrome Wolfsburg Edition Rims (Front 8", Rear 9")
  • Galivinized Skid Plate (the beetle ate threw the originals like crazy, wasnt doing that again)
  • Fog lights
  • Bently Repair Manual
  • Ross-Tech Vag-com (Have a star machine might aswell get the VW sister)

  • For coil overs what brands are everyone on here using? (Best bang for your buck)
  • Common problems or things I should keep an eye on
  • If I'd go straight piped will it throw a code? Also any droning at hwy speeds?
  • Any good Tuners around the Toronto area?
  • Also I'm deleting the EGR, where did you guys get your materials?
  • Also larger injectors (.205's), View point and also thinking of doing them prior to tuning. Any view points or suggestions?

I'll be doing some forum data digging!!


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