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I own a 2015 jetta TDI manual, the one from the vw scandal. last of it's kind. I want to keep it forever. Hope the experts here cna help me with some of these questions:

1) Is there a product that can be sprayed on the discs which prevent rusting so I can extend the life of my breaks. I downshift so it took up to 120000 km and I still can survive till late summer before changing them.

2)What driving tips or products would you recommend that would extend the life of my tires, sensors, and clutch/flywheel. or better yet, what are some things that shorten the lifespan of expensive parts that need replacing.

3) which repair recommendations from the dealership in your opinion would be considered "over rated". fuel filter changing how often befor eit's bad and necessary?

I look forward to all your opinions! thanks for the help!
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