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Hello there all,

We’ve been in the car audio industry for over 20 years now and we’re now trying to help more people online the same way we do face-to-face, whether it is giving advice, the best set-up, general ideas and options or even pricing.

We are all definitely car crazy (well, I guess you would have to be to be posting on here wouldn't you?) and we have owned numerous cars over the years including Audi A8, Peugeot 306, Nissan 350Z, Volvo S80, BMW 520, numerous vans and many others. Sure, not an impressive list, but as it is for car audio, then it does the job. It is the internal space that we are after at the end of the day, the bigger the better, but not crazy enough to get a truck...yet.:cool:

I guess everyone is fed up of the tax in the UK, whether its fuel, food or clothing, everything we purchase has VAT on it, or some other form of tax. Especially the way the government wants us to use eco-friendly cars, using differential tax classes...do they not realise if you can afford to buy a super car, you can afford the fuel and the tax/number plate along with it? It pretty much penalises 98% of the population...irony to be honest.

But, hey, thats just my point of view, and we’re here for a bit of chit chat ;p

That said, we do welcome the efforts being made by manufacturers in aiding one way or another in providing us choice, which is at the end of the day most important to us all, or shall we go back to the Ford days where you can have any colour you like, as long as its black!

Our primary passion is car audio products, whether its speakers, subwoofers, sat nav systems, Bluetooth kits such as Parrots, or even headrest screens, pretty much ICE (In Car Entertainment) and enjoy talking about it, installing them and having a bit of fun with them.

Anyway, that's our 2 cents worth of blabber for now - we hope to get involved with the discussions on the forums and look forward to some interesting and entertaining *debates* or points of view soon.

Happy Halloween,:lol:

David @ Car Audio Centre

Stores nationwide(UK) and stocking over 3000 product lines so you can be sure your are in safe hands. Here to serve you.:K:


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