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Hi all,

New to the VW Forum and looking to buy a used GTI. I am not sure if this is the appropriate spot to post, but I have been taking a look at a 2004 GTI 24V VR6 with 160k. It looks like it has had extensive maintenance done and was going to give the seller a call. Wondering if there is anything in particular I should ask? Here is the list of work that has been done and the status of the car from his posting:

Chains and guides done
Rear main seal
New clutch
New water pump
New belt tensioner
New alternator
New starter
All brand new coil packs
New struts
New lower control arms complete bushings ball joints
New brakes all four corners
Four brand new tires
20th wheels
Apr carbino intake
Awe tuning exhaust
Euro switch
No check engine light

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! He is looking for $4k obo.

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