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Ok, so I've been a long time fan of VW, ever since my uncle owned a black GTI back in Germany almost 20 years ago. Finally, about 3 months ago, I have had the privilege of having my crappy Pontiac Sunfire fail on me and thought it was the perfect time for a new car (well new to me at least). I ended up finding a gorgeous black mk5 wolfsburg jetta. AND I LOVE IT! I've already put some blue leds in the footwells to match the gauges and stereo. Wired it to the 12V light that comes on when you turned all the interior lights on. And right now I'm halfway done with replace the stock woofers and tweeters in the doors with brand new Alpines. I've got much more to come as far as mods go, and I will most likely need help along the way as I prefer to do most of the work on my car by myself. Had signed up on Vortex and had no help before, was pretty much ignored, kinda hoping VWForum is better! haha
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