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Good day to all.
Just picked up a 01 jetta 2.0 for a good price. Clean inside and out great leather no rips no smoke no kids. Adult single driven no mods dealer maintained and all PM performed at
recommended intervals.

PO picked up a new VW atlas and decided to sell this one. Been sitting in the garage for about a year and some months with the intention to give to sister for college. Sister bought a new car so here I am with it. Car had dead battery when I went to see it price was too good to haggle around so I just paid the lady and tossed on my trailer.

New battery installed crank no start checked the obvious spark fuel compression. No fuel dead pump new pump and filter installed now I have fuel.
Crank starts and dies. As long as I'm cranking the motor is starting I can hear it firing but once I let go it stops and will not stay on. Check CP sensor good Checked ignition good Checked plugs wires air filter all the basics. Does have a ESP light on and the immobilizer light does go off with the other dummy lights what else can this issue be?
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