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Morning all,

And Happy Thanksgiving.

My name is Dan. I was googling for information on Jetta lug bolts when you guys popped up. I still have questions about "ball" vs "conical" uses on my 2011 Jetta. I runs factory steelies in the winter and factory alloys in the summer. Different lug bolts? I searched but didn't see the answer.

I also have a 1974 Porsche 914. I bought it from the original owner that bought it through his girlfriend who worked for Porsche NA, picked it up at the docks in NYC. (then he dumped her).

I spend some time over at Grassroots Motorsports also, good people. They have a contest every year, I entered in 2004 with a VW Bus.

OK, go eat turkey while I poke around for the lug bolt mystery.


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