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What's up VW members, I am new here to your site and would like to say hello. I am a VW owner having an MK4 Jetta that I have literally beat the wheels off of as well as my fiance. The car has been superb in getting me to work and traveling the grueling 14 hours every other weekend to pick up my son who lives over 3 1/2 hours away.

My main topic for joining is to assist me in networking and also giving to the community a bit. I recently purchased an 08 GTI Shadow Blue from a friend in the insurance business. The car had a hard hit to the left front and bent the frame to the point it was totalled out. Anyhow I was to make a project race car from it but finances have fallen thru and I am liquidating. Anyhow I have the VIN and full details if anyone needs them. I am not trying to make a huge profit or in anyway trying to get down on anyone. I am trying to recoup and get this thing out of my garage before my fiance kills me. I have posted in other forums as well as CL in my hometown and nearby. If anyone else has any ideas for me or can assist I would greatly be appreciated. If I am doing something out of line by posting this then I apologize in advance just doing my best to hit every available avenue.

Any recommendation as to posting in classifieds here? I for some reason still haven't even been approved to post there. Thanks to all.
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