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Hi Can't post this anywhere else yet so thought I would start here. Looking for feedback on possible purchase. 2002 GTI 1.8. US car with the following mods:
After market R322 style bumpers
Euro type headlights
carbon fibre hood
coil over adjustable suspension
competition HD anti roll bars
heavy duty suspension locaters on front suspension (Audi)
Porsche 959 front brakes
Audi TT rear brakes
Full open bore stainless exhaust with race through cat
high volume intake
Greddy adjustable dump valve
K4 Turbo
Hi Perf Chip
Quaife 6 speed close ratio gear box with LTD differential

All of these items were copied from the seller to here so forgive me as I am not familiar with some items. Car int and ext are very clean. Price is $9000 Canadian. Any comments would be great! Thanks

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How many miles on the car? What maintenance has been done? All of those mods don't mean jack if the car hasn't been well maintained. I would definitely ask when the timing belt was last done.
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