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Hi all! Gavin here! Originally from Leeds/ England
And now living in Brisbane /Australia.
This is my first VW.
2001 transporter 5cyl petrol 166000kms.
I have had a few seat Leon's I the past and loved those.
The transporter is quiet and smooth an the height perfect
For carrying my mx bike around.

Decent service record but no info on wether the ting belt got
Done;-( got the parts just waiting on a manual from the UK
And trying to find out what special tools I will need to change the belt and roller/water pump?????

Stuff I have done so far
Cleaned naff sensor.
spark plugs
Air filter
Pollen filter
Oil filter and oil for castrol edge 5W30.
Not sure wether to do fuel filter or the distributer rotor
As a routine thing or just a waste of money??
Van runs well apart from cutting out when I bought it but seems good after
A service.

Can anyone steer me towards the right tools for ting belt change ?
Ordered a 32 special spanner so far. Do I need a tensioner tool AND A crank holder as well?
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