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Hey guys. I have a 2006 mk4 golf ~130k miles and I'm looking for some help with some issues that just started appearing. I am getting ready to get under this thing to check out what might be going on, but would like some advise as to trouble shooting whats happening....

1. Fuel smell and slight leak near forward of rear tire, gas tank side...
I am hoping this is just a fuel line leak, or something with the fuel filter...any other suggestions before I get under?

2. Just started to Start rough..the last couple times I have gone to start it up cold it will sputter quite a bit before starting...starts with a bit of a stutter on the second try. The idle is nice and smooth, and nothing else seems to be effected by this
...could this problem be related to the fuel issue?

3. Intermittent coolant light. Coolant level is OK, no leaks that I can see, and engine runs middle of the gauge fine. Sometimes I can take a drive and it will never turn on, others it will come on as soon as I start up, or within a few miles...thoughts?

Thanks in advance!:bow::D
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