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Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with my '94 Golf with the 1.9 turbo diesel (not TDI) engine. It's started a trend of the oil light and buzzer going off after driving for a while, presumably once the oil gets hot. It usually happens only at high speeds once warmed up. Last time I was driving it, I could pretty much pinpoint the engine speed when the buzzer would go off, and then it would stop as I backed off. If it didn't stop, it would stop when I put the clutch in and gave it a blip of gas, but it would come back if I went too fast again.

I ran some simple tests by disconnecting the individual sensors, and they both caused the appropriate alarm when they were disconnected, and the alarm went away when re-connected. I never have any low speed/idle pressure warnings, ONLY high speed warnings.

I just dropped the oil pan to check out the oil condition and see if the screen was clogged. The internals under the oil pan (well, above I suppose) are spotless, and the screen looks like it was cleaned yesterday...

Oil is Shell Rotella full synthetic 0W40. I put it in recently as winter is coming up here in Canada. At first I thought maybe the oil was too thin, but it's fairly new, and the problem comes when HOT, when it should be 40, not when cold.

Anyway, does this sound like the sensor could just be acting up, or do I have something bigger to worry about? Other than this issue, the engine runs like a dream. Excellent fuel economy, starts first crank even when cold, and never so much as a hiccup when driving. Has 295,000KM on it (183,300 miles).

Thanks for your help and for reading!
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