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oil light is on

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On Saturday my radiator hose ripped which cause my 95 gl jetta to over heat , so i bought a new one and after installing it my car still overheated due to cheap clamps that came with the hose. i towed it back to my home in fear of causing more damage if I'd attempt to drive back. Now my oil light turns on and starts to make the annoying beeping noise. before i take it to any mechanics I'd like to know what the issue may be. overheating is no longer an issue, just my oil light turn on after driving for about 5 mins. I've done an oil change and this issue is still here. :r32:
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The oil is topped up? Check that the connections between the wiring and oil pressure switches is clean and not oily/wet. The next step is to replace the two switches (cheap). If it still buzzes, then you actually have a oil pressure problem and that's bad.
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