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Been here before but I have been able to figure out most stuff on my own, and haven't posted up anything recently, so kinda starting over I guess?

I have a 2001 Jetta 2.0L AZG motor. all the usual problems have been addressed; CAT has been hollowed out, (I was out of mileage when the recall happened.) Coolant flange has been replaced after blowing the head gasket, (that's been fixed w/ valve job seals etc, new HD head gasket.) Cam pos sensor is new, o2 sensors are new, (although they throw codes due to no CAT). ignition coil cracked and has been replaced along with plugs and wires.

I have been running extremely rough, sluggish acceleration etc for some time and found that unplugging the MAF helped a lot while running in EPC mode. I've been like this now for a while, finally bought a new MAF sensor and plugged it in after clearing codes, same problem still exists. Has anyone run into this situation before?

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