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I'm about to pick up my 1998 Mk3 2.0 8V
Cabriolet, all stock apart from the 17" DJ racing alloys and Toyo's from the
previous owner.

I'd really appreciate some advice as to what is completely uneccesary and potentially what I'm missing out on. I'm not THAT hard a adriver, I'd just like some good handling and predictable behaviour from the car.

Some of the thigns I've been looking at taking it down to AMD for (Bicester, UK), taken/translated from my mail to AMD:

Milltek Steath (oval) stainless steel exhaust or very similar - not keen on
twin pipes/DTM, oval will fit best with standard body kit.

Pipercross Viper Cold Air Induction Kit looks good or maybe one of the
lesser K&N/Pipercross/other kits. Not sure what you'd recommend, but my
insurance will nail me if if get it chipped so thought I'd spend the cash on
a decent induction kit until I can afford the higher premiums.

I'm a bit out of my depth here, but what combination of anti-roll bars and
struts would you recommend? I've been looking at all manner of anti-roll bars and struts
(Eibach & Neuspeed?), but really not sure what I need. It's a Mk3 cabriolet,
so could probably do with some tightening up.

Might go for the Brembo "Big Brake" kit (I know, £800 inc install), but
would rather spend the money on something else as that's WAY over the top
for what I need - what be recommended, not keen on the green calipers
on the Greenstuff kit, but assume the calipers can be painted
something more subtle like a matt black.
Just looking for something
that's gonna be better than stock VW (no lock-ups, etc) and looks nice
behind the alloys. To be quite honest, I think it's more for the looks than
needing anything that I'm really gonna thrash, so £800 does seem a bit steep
just to get rid of the grubby looking disks that are there at the moment.

Aso thinking about "Angel Eyes" headlights (spotted them in a Big
Boys Toys catalogue). Not sure if they look good or just really tacky?

I've been looking at various springs & dampers - not lowering, just
interested in what suspension would be recommended. I'm not looking for a really
hard ride. Still not sure if it's worth replacing the VW suspension as the
car's only done 40k miles - so might leave this one until later unless there something that ought to go in to go while the anti roll-bars and struts are being put
in as I'm pretty keen on those.

I'm not going for any funky body kit or anything like that... I'd like the car to just look like a slightly beefier version of the stock car, nothing too agressive / obviously tweaked and modified.


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1998 Mk3 2.0 8v Cabriolet

Already has 17" DJ Racing alloys and Toyo T1-S tyres.

Looking at:
Milltek Steath (oval) stainless steel exhaust
Pipercross Viper Cold Air Induction Kit
"Angel Eyes" headlight conversion
Front and rear anti-roll bars and front upper struts (recommended brands/designs??)
Either Brembo Big Brakes (too expensive though) or ECB Greenstuff and EBC Turbo Groove discs for about half the price.

Not looking at:
Chip - adds about 60% to my premium for <15% increase and 80% for 16%-25%.
Rear upper strut - not sure if its necessary - open to suggestions though.
Springs and dampers - might get it done, but don't want a harder ride and stock VW stuff has only done 40k miles.

Advice / comments??


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Thanks 98A4,

Parts not a prob - 8V GTi parts almost all fit the cabriolet - apart form the obvious roof / rear windows / etc.

The exhaust I'm looking at is: Milltek Sport
Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System (CAT back), stealth tailpipe. So guess that covers that one "

Not seen ABD intakes advertised. Will look out for them though (like I said - I'm a newbie to all this). The Pipercross Viper seems to be one of the most highly rated induction kits - although about 3 times the price of most K&N / standard Pipercross kits. Not sure if this link will work: http://www.b igboyztoys.co.uk/index.php?page=shop/flypage&product_id=4319&category_id=5dc78426fc839d662e056942b1808c10&ps_session=796dfd239cd8498289151ef056b36ca8. Or go to http://www.bigboystoys-uk.com and follow the obvious: Watercooled - Pipercross - Viper - VW - Mk3.

Will look out for the ABD sway bars (anti-roll bars): pretty much confirms what I've seen - definitely rear sway bar and front stress bar. Probably getting a pair of front and rear Eibach sway bars though and then an upper front strut brace.

ABS and rear disks as standard. Might still go for the EBD kit though (http://www.auto-amd.com/mk38brakesproducts.asp) it's half the price of the Brembo stuff but can't be THAT bad... it's not like I need race spec brakes!! Check out the Brembo Gran Turismo Kit on this page http://www.auto-amd.com/mk38.asp - very funky, but STEEP!

Angel Eyes get another nod, thanks "

FK's Koni Sports on the list, but not yet. Not keen on dropping it - want the car to look v stock, just a bit beefier - plus I live in a maze of some of the most viscious speed bumps in London! Some friends can't even drive their STOCK suspension sports cars down half the roads in the area... think it's the lcoal council's way of telling people not to drop their suspension!

Think I'll leave the cosmetics out of it for now...


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There isn't a huge aftermarket for the Cabriolet so I'm not sure if parts are easily found.

Miltek Makes great exhaust, get a catback system tho.

Look into ABD for an intake. Since you are spending the extra money you should be able to afford a Q-flow and Big Bore.

Rear strut bar is not needed unless you plan on auto crossing the car. However since you want good handling I would invest in a set of sway bars (rear swaybar moreso then a front)
Front Upper Strut bar. Once again check out ABD.

If the car does not come with stock rear disk I would spend the money to convert to disk before spending money on a Brembo kit. If it does comes with rear disk then upgrade to the big brake kit. That money may someday save your life or save your car...

Angle Eyes are liked by most people.

Why would you not want to lower your car? If you want the best handling you may want to invest in a set of fully adjustable coilovers such as Fk's Konisports? Height and Damping adjustable along with a rear sway bar should be able to give you the handling you are after.

For a beafier appearance a set of deep dish wheels with rolled fenders will help that. Badgeless grill and a boser may also help give you that beefier look you are after.
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