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Hi all, here is a sad story that could very much use your help.

I have seen on a vw facebook group as well as various forums online that people are having issues with their paint peeling off the roof of the VW transporters as well as various parts around the vehicle. VW is wiping their hands with the issues and are claiming it's not an issue of theirs which is clearly is as this is not only happening to my van but so many around the world. Having said this and trying to have them fix it, I'm going to be taking them to fair trade. To support my case I have had several quotes on how much the paint will cost to fix and what the issues is (manufacturers fault).


If there is anyone else on the forum that is experiencing anything similar to what I have described, can you please get in touch with me as soon as you can and send me photo evidence of what is happening to your vehicle to help this case.

I absolutely love my van and it's a very big shame that it has come to this.

I appreciate any time taken to help me with case!
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