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hey guys, Thought I could sell this really quick on the VW forums! Its my first post but I will start posting in a week or two. I have a 01.5 Audi A4 Stage III and a golf that I am fixing up

Brand New
MSRP: $199
My price: $65 + 10 shipping. Includes shipping anywhere in Continental USA. Unless you are in the Milwaukee area and would like to pick it up, save the $10!

*PM for PayPal address

I have one for myself, its an awesome little machine. Got the same exact results as a buddy's $299 G-Tech, at 1/4th the cost. It was .08sec off my Track Slip and was within 2hp of my actual dynosheet. If I would have put in my sentra's exact weight, I am sure it would have been spot on. Again, the units for sale are brand new, never opened. (Comes with batteries)

Use to Measure your Vehicle's:
Braking force
Horsepower (at wheels OR at crank!)
G-Force (acceleration and lateral!)
0-60 second acceleration
1/4-mile time/speed

General Features:
Cordless design
LCD Character Size: 1/2-inch
Large Backlit LCD display (3-inch LCD)
Battery operated (operates on 3 AA batteries - included)
Will run for about a year on a set of batteries
Three-Axis accelerometer - no-compromise on performance and accuracy!
Micro-electronic design
Faster refresh rate plus automatic recalibration with each start
One-button operation
Error Compensation
Windshield mounted (windshield mount included)
Built in memory

1 x 2 x 4.5-inche

If you have any questions, let me know.

PM For paypal address

(Pictures are of MY unit, the unit for sale is BRAND NEW never opened)

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