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-Find a cheap 10 mm wrench and secure it in the fuse box next to the battery.
-Buy top of the line current OBD reader, and leave in the car
=> most faults can be resetted after engine off and battery disconnected for several minutes, at restart, read & clear codes (after writing it down on paper with mileage & date). It take several hundred miles for ECU to test and verify condition fault again. That should reduce chances from being stranded on the side of the road. (be aware, ECU must relearn automatic windows limits every time battery is off, and probably other functions as well!)

Code P2015: intake manifold must be replaced. (06J-133-201-AS)
Fairly easy to replace providing you have right torx tools of different sizes and length. No need to disconnect water hoses, which simplify replacement.
Code 2101 & 0121: Throttle body (06f-133-062Q) and / or Accelerator pedal (1k1-721-503-AD) , Book says recalibration needed with OEM , but after ignition key turned on and engine off, push pedal from idle to full twice to have ECU register values.
Code P0302 Cylinder 2 malfunction => burned coil.=> replaced all coils & plugs
Code P0420 Catalytic converter damaged due to running engine on three cylinders =>installed new O2 sensors first to see if fixed, but had to install new Cat.
If you have code and know what was done to fix, please add to it.
Thank you.:p
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