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Hello guys.

I'm David, from Portugal.

I' ll be honest with you guys, I created an account at this forum, because I am facing a huge problem.

My boss has a 2005 Phaeton with about 110 000 km. Despite the problems in the steering system that has given us now emerged a problem in the trunk , in which no shops VW resolve. When you open the trunk , we can notice that there is a cable coming from inside the car to the inside of the trunk , the handle is plastic wrapped in a kind of nylon mesh ( fishing wire ) . The problem is that this network is broken and the handle is now released, causing the wires remain unprotected and also interfere with opening and closing the trunk . The workshop is trying to resolve the situation , tells us that the SIVA ( Society for importing cars VW & AUDI ) , can not identify the cable in question and to solve the problem , we have to change the whole wiring wherein the cost is about 12 thousand euro .... Anyway, my question for you , if anyone here is aware of such a situation in the past , or if you know the name of that cable , and if so, how to resolve the situation ?

I await a response , thank you and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that I may be causing .
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