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First time posting on here and I just want to post about how bad my experience with Ontario Volkswagen has been. And also need a technical questions answered.

My girlfriend as driving the car 2012 TDI Passat to work and it overheated. I was shocked because this car has never given me any problems and I never touched the coolant.
I love this car and was heartbroken thinking the motor could have been compromised when it overheated. Luckily from what the dealer has told me is the motor is fine.

What came back on the diagnosis was a bad thermostat. Coming from the Honda scene where I learned how to work on cars as they were quite easy to work on and I am also a certified engine rebuilder I figured this would be something I could manage doing myself instead of forking over $1500 to the dealer. Bad decision that thermostat was so hard to get to but I still got it replaced and tested it. Car would not overheat just idling but even before a mile of driving it would overheat. Mind you I flushed the system 3 times and replaced with bottled water only. I did not wanna put that coolant back in my car after reading forums about it. I then replaced the heater core after reading what I read. Flushing it another 3 times. Car still overheats and I am fed up.

Bring car back to the dealership and they hook it up to their computers and come to the conclusion that the heater core I just replaced is clogged, but the thermostat is fine. Come to find out the heater core is under warranty and they replace it at the dealer. They replace the heater core and its still overheating. By this time I have done more research and have brought to the attention to Jim the service writer that the problem is the water pump impellar which is made of plastic might be unbonded from its metal central hub after overheating. He tells me that is possible. I take the car apart and stick my finger in the thermostat housing to feel the water pump and sure enough the water impellar can be freely spun around with my finger.

I call the the dealership and ask to speak with the service manage and am transferred to Manny. I tell him the whole situation and express that I should not have to pay for any labor but I will pay for the pump because after all this time wasted they havent found the problem and my car is still overheating. He tells me "bring it in and we will take care of it for you" which I made an appointment for 2 weeks later because they were so busy.

I bring the car in for my appoinment and Jim meets me at the front desk and writes up a bunch of labor costs that I sign for stupidly. I call Manny everday that whole week and leave multiple messages with the service desk and his voicemail providing my name and phone number to contact me back. Eventually after a week I get a message that says he will be out from the 16th to the 18th so I leave him alone. Call back entire week of the 19th and have still yet to hear from him.

So I call the service desk and ask to speak to someone above Jim and Manny and the girl answering phones tells me not to car her a "dude" C'mon really?? Now thats disrespectful. Still havent talked to that manager and get transferred to Jim.

Jim proceeds to tell me after a heated argument me trying to explain to him that its the water pump impellar that now the issue is the radiator is clogged and the "secondary" thermostat located behind the block is malfunctioning.

After a short argument about that he tells me to "come get my car I'm done with this" essentially refusing to service my car I'm assuming.

So I have a couple technical questions...

1 Does the water pump have a clutch?? That is what Jim is telling me the reason why I can freely turn the impellar on the pump around its hub in the housing. Which I thinks sounds so stupid.

2 Is there another thermostat located on the back of the block?
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