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i have 2000 passat 1.8T that i can not start. car was sitting for a month... i had to replace all control arms... than after i tryed to start it it does not wanna run. the battery died i had it chared at the auto zone. it cranks fine... i cant hear fuel pump work, i can not turn on my radio, and my spark pulgs dont spark. i all ready check fuel pump, fuse and rely for the fuel pump they are all in working condition. i even replaced spark plugs... and nothing. the car ran fine before... im just wondering is there some safety future that doesnt let me start my car. becouse my battery was dead for some time... or could it be some computer problem? i really dont know where to look any more... if any one know what might go wrong please let me know...

passat is 2000
1.8T atw with manual transmission
160.000 miles
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