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Hi there everybody,
After searching almost everywhere on the internet and forums I have not been able to find a solution to my problem sadly and really hoping someone can help.
Ok so here is some info on the car;

2000 model year VW Polo Classic 1.9L SDI
Has almost 300,000 Km on the clock
Most likely not been serviced properly over the years
Manual Transmission

I bought the car several months ago as my first car, and for around the first couple months the car ran like a dream. However about 2 months ago the car started to idle badly. here are the symptoms;

When the engine is cold, car starts and idles beautifully
As soon as the engine heats up (70 degrees Celsius) its starts to idle rough
giving the engine gas solves the problem, the car runs great when not idling
At times during idle the engine will surge and sometimes stall
The engine shakes and vibrates and seems like its always about to stall.

I set out to locate and clean;
IAC valve
MAF sensor
Throttle Body
EGR Valve

I was only able to clean the Throttle body which did little to nothing in solving the problem. For the life of me i could not locate the IAC Valve and wondering if it even has one? EGR Valve would not come off and I did not have the appropriate MAF cleaner.
I am wondering if it might be a fuel pump going bad? perhaps the temperature sensor is faulty as iv herd that a bad temp sensor could cause rough idle when engine heats up? I have my doubts about the EGR or MAF causing the problem. Does the Polo Classic 1.9 SDI have an IAC?

of anyone knows where an IAC Valve on this car is (if it has one) that would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone could suggest what else could be causing this problem? Again the issue only occurs once the cars warmed up.

Sorry for the long posts guys im just really frustrated.
Thanks in advanced for any help!
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