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Hello all. I seem to have an electrical gremlin in my 2006 Polo 1.4 16v that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

The car has 114k on the clock but has always been well cared for and serviced and generally runs lovely.

However when I travel at speeds of 60mph + for more than a few minutes I hear the warning alarm and the yellow ABS, and power steering lights come on and the Red brake exclamation mark flashes and I also loose my speedometer.

When the engine is stopped and restarted the warning lights go out and the speedo works as normal until you hit 60ish again.

There are no apparent leaks in the brake system and the PAS seems fine. When checked the fault code 16885 VSS (vehicle speed sensor)comes up. I fitted a new VW sensor and cleared the codes but the exact same problem still persists with the same code.

It is worth mentioning that the new sensor was slightly different from the previous one but I checked with VW and they insisted it was the correct part.

The car also has had an issue with the revs sticking, but I have just replaced the pedal sensor, and cleaned the throttle body and seem to have cured this problem.

Any thoughts or if anyone has had a similar issue and have any feed back would be most appreciated.

Cheers, Jason

Did you manage to find that fault of your speedo dying? mines does the same thing

I did yes. It turned out to be a dead easy fix once I knew what it was.

It was the magnetic abs sensor ring around one of the rear wheel hubs.

There was nothing wrong with any of the speed sensors at all.

It gave so many different symptoms. I ended up replacing most of the system to find the fault. As the hubs were new I presumed they were ok. But one of the sensors was giving an incorrect speed reading which caused the car to go into limp mode at speed. I replaced the faulty hub and the new replacement gave no readings at all either. Basically beware of cheap patent parts. Fitted a new VW hub and problem solved.
The rings are easy to damage if the hubs are not fitted carefully

Its been perfect ever since. It could also be one of the abs sensors at fault that would give the same symptoms.

The car needs to be driven with the diagnostic equipment connected up to check the readings.

Hope this helps. Good luck[/QUOTE]

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This is exactly what has happened to my 9n3 2008 1.2l polo.
Ive ordered the speed senor, but sounds like i may be needing a new hub with ABS rings.
Either way, thanks for the advice.
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