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Hello people, how are you?

This is my first post and english is not my native language, so i'm open to suggestions and corrections.

Let's start with my car: Its a Volkswagen Up! 2017 and had some (small) damage at the front of the car, replaced components like Bumper and steer-airbag.
The airbag sensor behind the front bumper generated a error code: P160900 (crash activation).

My buddy with VCDS and a HEX-V2 (+ experience) said he can clear the code.. and he did following whis tutorial
>> type this in youtube search ?v=J3IYx--0TK0 (i cannot paste a link becouse i'm new?)
now the power steering works but the car has still this error (see attachments)
0360 - Steering angle sensor not calibrated. AND the dashboard shows: ESP braking error (yellow car light goes on)

Ok this can't be that hard to do... so i went to the ABS module and followed the steps like this manual:
>> Same just search basic setting from ROSS tech wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index...Basic_Setting
Then VCDS gave a error that the calibrations was not possible to continue
Tried it again with ODIS Software but same story. tried a lot of times with 3 different people and both software but no luck.

But i don't give up! so i went to the interwebs and search.
Some may suggest that the steering angle sensor is broken. i thinks that's not the case because VCDS shows correct values when i rotate the steerwheel.
The airbag module still shows: IDE01555 Number of frontal crashes = 1.
(can this be the case? Someone said that might be the cause of the error but i want to know for sure (and why? Why does the airbag module cause you to not calibrate the steering wheel?)
Also VCDS shows the voltage to the powersteering is a bit low so i tried it with another battery connected but no luck either.

Maybe dissconenct the airbag module? or the ABS module? i'm hoping this could help calibrating the steeringwheel (but idk its a suggestion)

Does someone know a answer?


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