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That's it, it's my turn : with a Passat 2007 BMR 170 HP 135000 km the oil pressure red warning switch on and furthermore I was in a no GMS signal so at 4.30 AM foced to drive 2 miles, below 1500/2000 RPM in order to switch of the red light and get only the yellow signal for oil low level, to reach GSM world...

So the engine is maybe not dead, the engine seems having a good noise as the repairman feel when he listens de engine which won't have any warning light at IDLE !

I cross the fingers

Here are questions in order to prepare my meeting with the garage :

- the original oil pump axis - 6 pan - is not strong enough ( Moteur 2.0 TDI - La panne de la pompe à huile - Audi - Mécanique / Électronique - FORUM Technique et Problème pompe à huile (Page 2) ? Passat VI » Technique ? Forum Passat » Les forums ok that's french forum but the pictures are better than speech ) but the femal part where the axis goes could be damaged too or it is only the axis which is too fragile ?

- during services from VW , between all the different level of services according to the mileage of car, have you ever seen or know that the carter is disassembled in order to check the axis ?

If not that's an enormous and scandalous VW vice maintenance because they know perfectly that this part is failing easily as the new ones are heavier which means stronger I hope ...

I'm aware that the oil pump have wrong functionned and the engine is more or less damaged but does the oil pump can be damaged at diferent level or it is the pump is dead or operational ?

Does the oil pump have many electronic sensors which could indicate the level of its damages ?

Thanks by advance
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