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So I have a MK4 R32 I just had my Ignition switch Replaced and it didn't fix my Problem.
Problem is My Dash lights work , ER lights , And Manuel High beam ,Running lights work. However Low beams , Blinkers , Windshield wipers and Radio Don't work Can anyone advise me on what to do to fix this It's keeping me from passing Local Inspection

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Hello . Sorry I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is -Jeremy -
I have a MK4 R32 and having pretty frustrating time with my dash Forward
This is my 2nd MK4 R32 actually I had this one at the same time as my Black one Since 09
However I didn't have any problems with that one
Till 2 years ago I don't so much as have a scratch or Broken bit in My Baby and After a CPL shady Mechanics A slurry of problems .
So that said

What works !!!
My Hazards ,
my Running lights when the Dash lights selector switch is turned right to on
My brights if I pull the switch back But not if I push it forward to on
Car for s up fine runs strong AF
Dash Lights
And cluster gauges work fine

What doesn't work
Low beams in on position
High beams in on position
Blinkers in Selected switch position
And Windshield wipers
And Of course front Fog Lights
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