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Hello all! I'm here to ask a few simple questions regarding the detail process of a 2006 Jetta. I just purchased my first jetta on the weekend but it needs a bit of work. I've given my baby a proper diagnosis and concluded that the Swirl Marks and Chrome need to be treated. :cool:

The color of the car is Shadow Blue (quite a color I may add) and the swirl marks show up quite visibly under direct sunlight. I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are really deep or the car's destroyed but it does require some attention. Now, I've read multiple forums regarding detailing and machine buffing but since I'm now a part of the Volkswagen Family I thought I would ask you guys!

So let me sum up the questions, what is the best way to remove swirl marks on the jetta (machine buffing? compound?) and what is the best way to polish the PLASTIC chrome that came with the car?

Thanks Volkswagen Owners!! :):K:

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