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I have recently purchased my first TDI Volkswagen (2006 Jetta TDI), which came with a "Powerbox" tuning enhancement installed. I'll admit I don't know much about the subject other than what the guy who sold me the car showed me. I have tried to do some research online but have been unable to find answers to the questions I have.

The one I have installed seems to be an older model because it causes my "check engine" light to always be illuminated while the engine is running. I understand that newer models of this power box don't cause that to happen. Anyhow, my question revolves around what is the normal error code one would expect when this device is installed? I took the car to my VW mechanic shop (non-dealer) for an oil change and general look-over and they mentioned to me that the check engine light was on. Surprisingly to me, they didn't seem very familiar with this device. The error code that came up I believe was 001 or something, it had to do with the MAF. They didn't take the powerbox out of the system but said when they cleared the code it came right back up.

Is this normal? Also, I'm beginning to wonder if I should be concerned about having this product in there, is it even safe? How will I know if the check engine light is in for a different reason when it is always lit up?

Thanks for any insight.
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