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Hi all,
new member here. I joined to find help with a VW problem. First though, some background. I am a retired Ford mechanic. I have a friend whose husband died of pancreatic cancer last spring. She has his car, a 2008 R32. It has a no start/no crank problem. Two fuses were blown, the brake fuse and the ABS fuse. When I replace the brake fuse it blows when ignition is turned on. I am assuming this powers the brake light circuits. I looks like the brake switch is on the master cylinder. Is that correct?
I also wonder what else might be on this fused circuit.
I see some evidence of rodent damage and believe this short to ground could be from chewed wires.
Could anyone in earshot point me to a wiring diagram for this circuit?
I really appreciate your time and help!
Thanks, Walt
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