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hello everyone, so I have a 2008 VW Rabbit 2.5L and I went to the mechanic a month ago and he told me I had to replace the entire front suspension (strut, strut mount, link bar, coil spring) and that is all ok except that neither he or I can find the front goddamn coil spring. So I was wondering what you guys did to replace the front coil spring for the VW Rabbit 2.5L? Did you buy a coil spring for Jetta or Bettle and put it instead (I don't know much about car mechanics)?
So far I found complete front strut assemblies (Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100279PR 2 Front Strut Assemblies) on Amazon but looks kind of cheap for 200$
and these coil springs: germanoem.ca/parts/suspension/coilovers-spring-kits.html

Thanks for the answers guys!
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