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I have an 87 cabriolet without a radio. I was going to hook up one myself but I am getting to positives with the ignition off. Does anyone know which wires are battery, ACC, and ground? And no, ground isn't black.

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Constant 12V+ Red
Switched 12V+ n/a
Ground Brown
Illumination Blue/Gray
Dimmer Blue
Antenna Left Front
Front Speakers 4" x 6" Doors
Left Front (+) Blue
Left Front (-) Brown/Blue
Right Front (+) Red/Black
Right Front (-) Brown/White
Rear Speakers 3 1/2" Side Panels
Left Rear (+) Blue/Green
Left Rear (-) Brown/Red
Right Rear (+) Red/Green
Right Rear (-) Brown/Black

THought i could help you out

To get Acc or switched tap the windshield wipers, this is what you do.
Pull the fuse for the windshield wipers, grab your multi-meter or test light and check for the power side of the fuse terminal. that way you don't end up pulling power through the fuse.
Get power from there and fuse that line seperate.

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