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I recently Purchased a 1997 vw jetta 2.0 for a friend of mine. It has the deluxe sound system with cd changer in the trunk package. When we got the car there was no power to the radio and the check engine light was on. We removed the radio and found that the fuse in it was blown. Now it lights up and displays the word safe. I also have a jetta and on mine after an hour of the word safe the system resets to display 1000 and you are able to enter the code and the radio works.
We have run the car for 2 hours and still the word safe is displayed any thoughts on how to get it to the ability to enter the code.
ON my car i have the card with the code printed on it. on this new one no such luck. One of my friends said he heard that the code is often hidden in the trunk somewhere. Has anyone ever heard this? If so can you give me a clue where to look for it or how to get the code for him to enter.
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